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Our associates take part in the national competition The British Arts Awards. Dance Schools from all around the country take part in this competition. To get to the finals is a very big achievement!


Leading Awards Teach/School - Miss Melissa (Advance)

Group Dances

Small Junior Ballet Group - 2nd Freya, Lilly-May & Layla 'River'

Small Junior Acro Group - 2nd Isla, Harriett & Lois 'Avatar'

Junior Novice Acro - 1st Ariella Prince

Junior Novice Modern - 1st Ariella Prince

Junior Novice Modern - 2nd Maya

Junior Medalist Modern - 1st Isla Dowding

Junior Medalist Song & Dance - 2nd Maria Isaac

Junior Medalist Song & Dance - 2nd Penelope Burton

Junior Medalist Duet 27 - 1st Maria Isaac & Penelope Burton

Junior Medalist Stage Duet - 1st Maria Isaac & Penelope Burton

Junior Medalist Stage Duet - 2nd Ariella Prince & Isla Dowding


Inter Novice Ballet - 1st Anabel Lander

Inter Novice Arco - 3rd Ysabel Wells

Inter Novice Duet - 2nd Isla & Harriett

Inter Medalist Song & Dance - 1st Keira Burton

Inter Medalist Song & Dance Duet - 1st Keira & Penelope Burton


Senior Novice All Round Performer - Ella Morris

Senior Novice Modern - 1st Ella Morris

Senior Novice Song & Dance - 2d Ella Morris & Izzie Jenkins


Group Dances

Mini Associates- 1st place 'Mamma I'm a Big Girl Now'

Junior/ Senior Associates- 2nd place 'Wild Horses' 


Solo and Duet Finalists 

Baby Ballet - 1st Ariella Prince and 2nd Pixie Mountford 

Baby Modern - 1st Ariella Prince 

Junior Song - 1st Maria Isaac 

Junior Novice Acro - 4th Isla Dowding 

Junior Novice Ballet - 3rd Isla Dowding 

Junior Novice Modern Duet - 2nd Ariella Prince and Isla Dowding 

Junior Medalist Acro - Isla Hawkins 

Junior Medalist Modern - Penelope Burton 

Inter Medalist Acro - Freya Weldon 

Inter Medalist Song and Dance - Keira Burton 

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