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Dear parents, 


We are so excited to be back in the studio. Please be reassured that we are exempt from the new '6 person rule' as we are not classed as a social gathering and have put measures in place to make the studio COVID secure. Please note there are some rules and regulations we all need to follow to ensure a safe return to the studio, please see a full list attached. 


One very important point that we all need to be aware of is that ALL classes will finish 5 mins earlier. So for example if your child's class starts at 4:00pm you will pick your child up at 4:25pm the next class will then arrive at 4:30pm. This 5 minute window will limit the parents on pick up and drop off and will also allow the teachers to clean to studio ahead of the next class. Please note there will be 2 teachers in all classes to help with toilet trips, cleaning and pick up and drop off. Please DO NOT enter the studio any earlier or later than your scheduled time. There will also be a teacher at the top of the stairs so you can drop your child off at the bottom of the stairs and we will escort them into the studio. To make up for the 5 minute loss of class time there will be a FREE stretch zoom class every other Sunday! (more details about this to come). 


*If your child is doing consecutive classes they will just wait in the studio with the teachers ready for their next class!


In the chance of another lock down (fingers crossed this does not happen). Classes will continue to the normal timetable on Zoom or outside. We will continue in whatever circumstances!


Thank you to those who have paid their invoices. If you have not paid please can you do so ASAP. If you are yet to register for classes please do so online or get in contact with me urgently... classes are filling up fast and some classes are already fully booked! 


Term Dates

Monday 21st September- Saturday 12th December


Half term- NO CLASSES 

Monday 26th October- 31st October 


If you have any questions about our COVID-19 regulations please do let me know!


I have attached our COVID-19 policy which can be viewed above.


Thank you very much for your cooperation with our new system. It has taken a very long time to set up but we are up and running and hopefully you found it much easier to use. 


We face this term with positivity! We are back! 

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