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Through out the year as a dance school we like to go to Festivals and compete against other schools/dancers. We have lots of fun and it is something that the dancers can work towards, if they choose to. Some festivals are close and some a little further away meaning we all camp out together in hotels and we really do have such a good time, adults included!


We placed in every section that we entered and won a total of 32 medals!

  • 18 Gold Medals

  • 11 Silver Medals

  • 3 Bronze Medals

Wow what a weekend! I cannot be prouder of all our Advancers that performed today. I am just bursting with pride and am over the moon with all of our placings. We even got a clean sweep in the junior ballet section winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th! We had such nice comments from backstage saying how lovely and professional we all are. Can't beat that!

Baby Ballet - 1st Maria, Junior A Ballet - 1st Lilly- May, 2nd Freya, 3rd Emily and Layla, 4th Ysabel

Junior B Ballet - 2nd Keira, 3rd Anabel. Baby Modern - 1st Maria. Junior Modern A - 1st Freya,

4th Emily, Margarida and Lilly- May. Junior Modern B - 1st Anabel, 2nd Keira, 4th Ava

Inter Modern - 2nd Ella. Junior Arco - 4th Pola. Junior Modern Duet - 1st place Freya and Anabel,
2nd place Emily and Lilly- May. Itner Acro Solo - 
2nd place Annabelle. Junior Arco Trio - 2nd place Harriet, Isla, Lois. Junior Classical Trio - 1st place Emily, Lilly- May and Freya. Junior Classical Group - 1st place- Waltz Goes on (Emily, Lilly-May, Freya, Anabel, Layla, Immi)

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