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The Advance School of Dance and Theatre Art offer a wide range of dance classes in many different styles. Our main aim is to treat every student as an individual and to inspire them through the love of dance. Whether a student is looking to dance as a hobby or wants to pursue a professional career on the stage, our classes will provide students of all abilities with excellent technical training. 


The Royal Academy of Dance is the largest examining and dance teacher education organisation for classical ballet in the world. The syllabus includes free movement and character dance and provides an excellent introduction to classical technique. This highly reputable organisation offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and class awards designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement in dance.

It is clear that children are individuals; no two are the same, this applies vigorously to classical ballet grading and training. Motor development and cognitive processes occur at different stages for children. We level students by physical ability over their age, to ensure that we offer the best possible training.

Approximate age recommendations:

*For those where dance is a serious hobby or interested in pursuing dance as a career and further education only.

At the Advance School of Dance and Theatre Art we advise that all students wanting to take RAD Ballet examinations should attend 2 ballet classes a week. 


The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing is another of the worlds leading dance organisations we follow this syllabus for both Modern and Tap. We offer exams from Pre-Primary all the way up to Advanced 2. 


The modern theatre syllabus is a combination of modern and jazz dance. Modern dance is often the most commonly recognised style as most professional shows use modern/jazz as the base of their choreography. It incorporates the technical elements of ballet with the ability to explore different dynamics and expressive performance styles. 


In order to be an all rounded performer tap is an essential part of a dancers training. Tap dance teaches the importance of weight placement, rhythm and musicality. Students wanting a professional career in the dance industry should study all 3 disciplines ballet, modern and tap. 


Acrobatic dance, or acro as it is most commonly known, is a beautiful fusion of classical dance technique and acrobatics. Defined by the precise and athletic choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context. 


At the Advance School of Dance and Theatre Art all teachers are qualified with the Acrobatic Arts. We follow this syllabus and students will have the opportunity to take exams and progress through the levels. Acrobatic technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering based on flexibility, contortion and strength.

We also offer lots of other dance styles including.

- Commercial 

- Musical Theatre (singing and acting) 

- Lyrical 

- Jazz 

- Body conditioning 


Private lessons (1:1 coaching) 

We also offer private coaching in all dance styles for students of any ability. Private lessons are catered towards the individual needs of the student. They are particularly important for students taking part in exams, festivals and auditions. Private lessons can be booked with any teacher on a day/time that suits the student best. 



GRADE 1                           

GRADE 2                          

GRADE 3                          

GRADE 4                          

GRADE 5 – 8                  


2.5 – 4

4 – 5

5 – 8

7 – 10

8 – 11

8 – 12

9 – 14

11 – 60

11 – 18

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